Commercial cinemas these days are often overpriced, way too busy in the prime times, and filled with noisy teenagers. These are some of the reasons more people prefer to watch movies in the comfort of their homes, and cinema rooms have become more popular over recent years. Below are some cinema room ideas we would like to share with you.

  • Decide if you want a truly dedicated home cinema or a multipurpose room capable of transforming from a living environment into a private cinema.
  • Keep the decor of your cinema room minimalistic. If you are making a home cinema out of your living room, be aware of any glass or shiny surfaces around the room (mirrors, coffee tables, etc.) that can reflect the screen and create a distraction.
  • Furniture for a cinema room should be comfortable and functional. You may want to consider investing in premium home cinema seats to enhance the cinema experience.

We will help implement any of your cinema room ideas

Whether ‘home cinema’ means dedicated cinema rooms in your home with a fixed projector and screen and specialist cinema seating, or a multi-function media room with a hidden screen and projector that drop only when in use, Aonyx can deliver a turn-key design and installation across a wide range of styles and budgets.

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