…yourself in the action with Home Cinema. Blistering 4K Ultra High Definition picture, earth shattering surround sound. Turn-key, bespoke smart solutions tailored to each client’s exact requirements.

“Photography is truth. The cinema is truth 24 times per second”

Jean-Luc Godard.

Every client’s home provides a unique set of requirements. At Aonyx we strive to deliver highly individual, bespoke solutions to deliver breath-taking home cinema experiences using the highest quality products. Through partnerships with leading manufacturers, Aonyx home cinemas provide crystal-clear,  powerful and focused sound that can be felt as much as heard. What can be a cinema owner’s dream however, can be a neighbors nightmare, which is why Aonyx provide customised, effective sound treatment solutions so you can enjoy the full experience without worrying about an angry knock on the door.

Aonyx brings cinema into the future with a unique combination of design and technology yet provides the user with a simpler experience than ever through cutting-edge automation. Your personal cinema experience begins with an atmosphere, created through customised lighting scenes and purposeful interior design including specialised cinema seating and acoustically treated fabric. From the touch of a button, your cinema springs into life: motorised curtains open to reveal the screen, the projector beams a brilliant image onto the screen, lighting dims down to the perfect viewing level, immersive sound surrounds you.

Not all cinema experiences are traditional. Whether ‘home cinema’ means a dedicated cinema room in your home with a fixed projector and screen and specialist cinema seating, or a multi-function media room with a hidden screen and projector that drop only when in use, Aonyx can deliver a turn-key design and installation across a wide range of styles and budgets.

Experience the latest in the rapidly expanding world of UHD 4K  home entertainment from services like Sky Q and Amazon Fire TV. With 360-degree sound, bullets whiz past you, planes fly overhead and atmosphere surrounds you. Feel like you’re in the crowd at the big game and hear music that sounds like it’s being played live in the room. Be the passenger in the climactic car chase. Feel the force of thunder and the rumble of explosions. Experience every detail and nuance envisioned by the creators, whether you’re watching the newest streaming services, or a long-owned classic in your DVD or Blu-ray collection.

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