Sonos have created a new speaker to replace the Play:1.  The Sonos One is pretty like the Play:1 but with Amazon’s Alexa built in.

Apparently, Sonos have been working on the new One device for quite a while now which means it’s better than any of the voice assistant speakers that are currently on the market.  Unlike other speakers with voice assistants built in you do not need a button to activate Alexa, simply speak the command and your music will be played!

There are multiple microphones inside the device along with an adaptive noise suppression algorithm which will help it hear everything that you say and make sure that it’s listening to the right person, giving it impeccable accuracy.

Another one of the cool features is that if the speakers are playing music, the volume will automatically lower when you ask a command, meaning that there is no need to try and shout over your music to be heard.

Currently Google Assist isn’t available on the Sonos One but come 2018 it will.  Sadly though, it won’t support the use of Spotify for the time being and users will only be able to play music from apps like Amazon Music.

The new Sonos One looks very similar to the old Sonos Play but has very similar elements to Apple’s Home Pod. The speaker is the classic cuboid black or white shape and on top has the microphone button, volume and play back just like the original.