Tech company Sonos previously suggested that it would be combining the use of Amazons Alexa into its very own wireless multiroom speakers. The company now plans to build a voice control straight into the speakers.

This comes from the changing of their privacy policy which hints that there will be voice control in the future – “Voice control works by your voice- enabled product ‘listening’ for a specific wake word. Please note that not all Sonos products are voice enabled”. By changing the privacy policy, Sonos have suggested that the voice control feature will be coming to selected models.

Alexa isn’t the only voice control that will be introduced to the speakers though, other voice assistants will be available and are covered in the updated privacy policy.

Sonos haven’t mentioned what product it is that they will be releasing yet and it’s unlikely that any of the current products will be updated to have this new feature as they will need to have built-in far field microphones.