Amazon new products


Last week, Amazon publicised that it would be releasing a number of new products and of course this was going to be something that we were interested in.
Amazon have had immense success with the Echo and therefore taken the step to innovate it further.

A new Amazon Echo

Amazon has claimed that this newer echo has a much better sound than the previous version. This is due to the added feature of Dolby Audio.

This means that it can be in direct competition with products like Apple’s ‘Home Pod’ and the ‘Sonos Play: 1’.

The newest Echo is made from metal but customers will be able to buy different shells for it much like ‘Google Home’.

Alexa in BMW

A big announcement from Amazon was that Alexa would be a new feature in BMW cars starting from next year. This means customers will be able to have full access to Alexa in their car no matter where they are.

New fire TV with 4K, HDR and Dolby Atmos support

Amazon have also announced a new Fire TV Dongle that can be plugged into the back of the TV. This new device will support 4K content and be able to have a high dynamic range video. This added feature will allow TV shows and films to move and look as they were meant too. It will create brighter, deeper and more colourful on-screen images and Dolby Atmos audio support.

Echo spot

The Echo Spot was another product that was announced. The Echo Spot is a round version of the Echo Show with its own 2.2-inch display screen. With the use of a screen, the Echo Spot will be able to show information such as the weather or clock. It also allows access to Alexa and can even video call.