Home Automation

With electronics playing an ever-greater role in our everyday lives, you may think that life would become simpler. But with so many different Apps, technologies and formats things are getting more cluttered and complicated, not more convenient. Wouldn’t life be better if everything worked together? It can with Home Automation.

An intelligent home works for you without you having to touch anything at all. For instance, who wants to come home after a long day to a dark house? Instead, arrive home from work to a brightly-lit exterior, lights to lead a pathway indoors, and your favourite music station playing overhead. When your smart home prepares itself for your arrival, departure, morning rise, or bedtime ritual, that’s convenience at its best.
It is a common misconception that in order to have a smart home, you must get in during the building phase. Whether your home is yet to be built, in the construction process, or has been standing for years, we can make it the smartest one on the block. And size is of no importance; you can smarten up a small apartment or a sprawling estate. Our systems are built to scale. This means you can start with a universal remote for all of your entertainment equipment and then add a few smart lights or door locks (or anything else) as you are ready to expand.
Start every morning with your favourite playlist as the blinds open and the lights slowly fade up halfway. Listen to breakfast radio in the shower, then leave for work safe in the knowledge that everything is turned off with a tap on your touchscreen or simple voice command. Relax into a movie night. Hit 'play' to dim the lights, close the blinds and adjust the temperature. Hit 'Popcorn' on your iPad to pause the film and fade up the kitchen lights. Watch the end of the film in bed without losing your place or missing a single frame.

Aonyx are proud to be Control4’s leading system integrator in both the UK and the EMEA region and are honoured to have been awarded the Control4 dealer of the year 2015-2020.
For 2021 we have just been awarded Top Volume Dealer for Europe.