Why Home Automation?

With electronics playing an ever greater role in our everyday lives, you may think that life would become simpler. But with so many different technologies and formats things are getting more cluttered and complicated, not more convenient. Wouldn’t life be better if everything worked together? It can with Home Automation.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

Albert Einstein

Start every morning with your favourite playlist as the blinds open and the lights slowly fade up halfway. Listen to breakfast radio in the shower, then leave for work safe in the knowledge that everything is turned off with a tap on your touchscreen.

Relax into movie night. Hit ‘play’ to dim the lights, close the blinds and adjust the temperature. Hit ‘Popcorn’ on your iPad to pause the film and fade up the kitchen lights. Watch the end of the film in bed without losing your place or missing a single frame.




Set the scene for your perfect drinks gathering. One touch control will close the blinds, set the lights low and play your ‘Party’ playlist high.

Create an air of elegance and sophistication for your dinner party with one touch. Dim all the lights apart from the dining table chandelier whilst Mozart string quartets play gently in the background.

Trigger a welcome home scene that turns on selected lights, adjusts the temperature and opens the curtains and blinds just by opening your front door via fingerprint recognition or by driving into your garage.

Turn off all lights, heating and Audio Visual equipment and close the blinds just by arming the intruder alarm upon leaving the house.

Call around the house when dinner is ready or keep an eye and ear on the baby or pets with voice and video intercom native to the in-wall touch panels. View the feeds from your security cameras from anywhere in the world via your iPad or tablet.

Remotely grant access to staff with temporary entry codes at designated times from anywhere in the world, in order for them to prepare the property for your return.

Set your blinds and external lighting to adjust in line with dusk and dawn. With GPS and time-clock technology, this Home Automation System will adjust throughout the year to account for the lengthening and shortening of the days.

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