If you want a home that is easier to control, safer and more enjoyable to live in, you might want to invest in one of the many available home control and automation systems.

The history of home automation goes far back. First home automation machine, “Echo IV” was developed in 1966. It was able to make shopping lists, to control temperature and turn appliances on and off. However, it was not commercially sold.  Smart home systems began to increase in popularity in the early 2000s. New technologies were emerging, and smart homes became a more affordable option. Today most of the smart home systems are focused on increased comfort, security and living ‘greener’. Some of the recent trends in home automation include remote mobile control, mobile notifications, and various scheduling appliances. People want to be able to connect to their households even when they are far away.

Control and Automation Systems that Work for You

Turn your home into a smart home with Aonyx. Smart lighting, smart security, smart entertainment, smart comfort – you name it! From just one room to a whole house, we can design a control and automation system that will work for you.

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