We feel privileged to have formed close relationships with some of the most innovative suppliers in our industry; Lutron, the leader in light control, being one of them. Here at Aonyx, we are proud to be a Lutron dealer.

Lutron provides total light management solutions, that help improve productivity and comfort of your home or office. Lutron light, blind and temperature control allows delivering ultimate comfort and convenience. With Lutron you can create the right ambiance any time of day or night with a simple touch of a button, even from afar.

Besides providing comfort, Lutron products are also highly energy efficient, they help to reduce electrical consumption, therefore protecting the environment by reducing the demand for light bulbs. Lutron solutions ensure safety and security for both residential and commercial environments, and can help increase employee’s productivity and motivation when used in commercial spaces, creating a better quality work environment.

Whether at home or at work, with Lutron solutions you can create a comfortable atmosphere to support your activities throughout the day, changing the lighting according to your needs.

Lutron Dealer – Aonyx Automation Systems

If you want to learn more about Lutron lighting solutions and other automation systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.