Here at Aonyx we are specialists when it comes to digital communication systems for businesses who want to communicate in an innovative way with their target audience. Whether it’s your visitors, employees, customers or the general public, we are able to design the right solutions for our clients and anyone looking for digital signage in the UK.

We create end-to-end solutions and have all the necessary components to develop a digital signage system for your business. This includes designing content, developing software, installing hardware and providing ongoing support to you when you need it.

Digital Signage In The UK – Aonyx Digital Systems

Some of our previous projects include the installation of video walls, check in screens, command centres, information zones in UK Airports (take a look at our London City Airport case study). We can provide digital signage solutions, where attention to detail is key and believe our experience in this sector means we are more than capable of providing services and products to any airport environment.

For more information, call 01923 215 999 and one of our experienced team will be on hand to help answer any queries.