Control4 home automation is an ultimate way to control your home. With just a simple command you can set a perfect scene: lights, shades, music, security, temperature – you name it. Control4 is the only home automation system that can create such an immersive and personalised home experience. With Control4 you can automate everything in your home, from just one room to an entire house.

Be able to enjoy a more comfortable, inviting and eco-friendly home with Control4 smart home systems. Control4 can be set to respond to your schedule and needs without you having to do anything at all. With so many smart devices available today, combining them under one control system makes the magic happen.

Install Control4 Home Automation with Aonyx

Aonyx are proud to be a Control4 Diamond Dealer. Having created a number of smart home system solutions, we know for a fact that with our experience we are able to provide excellent services and meet any needs. With Control4 you can choose from a variety of interfaces to control your smart home, from a simple remote control to a keypad or tablet. Whatever your age, our smart home systems will be very easy to use.

Call us today at +441923 215999 to discuss your requirements or use this form to get in touch, and we will find a smart home system that is perfect for you.