LILIN Security Cameras are one of the world’s top manufacturers in IP video surveillance. From retail security to hotels, they have a range of solutions to fit every need for your security cameras.

The features of their cameras include HDR, ultra-high resolution and ultra-high frame rate, meaning you’ll always get the clearest image no matter what the lighting conditions. Other additions include their heightened video quality, advanced motion detection, face detection systems plus many more features.

The Day & Night 1080P HD PTZ Dome IP Camera streams HD videos at 30FPS. This is one of Lilin’s WDR cameras (Wide Dynamic Range).  An excellent feature of this camera is that the shadows and highlights are captured at the same time which removes any pixilation.  This camera is also able to make 360° rotations so it can be angled in any direction.

LILIN Security Cameras are a great addition to any home security system and can give you peace of mind knowing that your home is protected.

LILIN Security cameras