…all your favourite films, satellite / cable channels, interactive and on-line entertainment in 4K, S-UHD and 3D anywhere in your home. Eliminate clutter with visual automation systems, with simplified control via universal remotes, touchscreens / tablets and Smartphones. Access any source from any room with centralized video distribution.


“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”

Jonathan Swift.

‘TV and Film’ is arguably the most exciting area of our industry. Ever finer picture resolutions, 3D, 4K and S-UHD, staggering picture quality and colour depths are constantly pushing boundaries and the expectations of our clients.

Media formats are constantly evolving:broadband delivery of media on demand, cable channels, satellite and interactive services. Aonyx provide simplified media systems to give you access to every source in every room, all controlled via single remotes, touchscreens / tablets and Smartphones.

Different users can access any source individually from different locations or multiple users can view simultaneously. Media servers, satellite receivers, DVD / Blu-ray players and streaming devices are stored centrally minimising clutter and offering shared access throughout the home.

Door entry and CCTV can be integrated and viewed on screens throughout the house allowing you to check up on security from the comfort of your sofa.


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