…your home for new technological advances. No-one can predict the future but with our knowledge and experience, Aonyx can help you lay secure foundations for what may be around the corner.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

They say; “The most expensive cable to run is the one you forgot about in the first place.” During the construction or renovation process, there is a window of opportunity to install cabling before the walls are plastered over. We can design cabling schemes at this critical juncture to ensure that whatever Audio Visual and Home Automation equipment you may wish to install in the future has the right cabling provision in place already. Careful consideration at this stage can help prevent messy, costly and obtrusive chasing of plaster work further down the line and its associated making good / re-decoration.

By having a future proof home means the infrastructure will be designed to be ready for ever evolving technology, without having to do significant renovations throughout your Smart Home.



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