Business Centres & Offices

Allowing clients to interact with technology to enhance their working environment, Aonyx boost productivity by providing optimal solutions, simply and effectively.

Aonyx have over a decade of experience in delivering bespoke technology solutions for the Business Centre & Office Fitout Sector. Constantly innovating to offer our clients the latest technologies to enhance their working lives and give them the competitive edge to stand out above the crowd. No two clients have the same set preferences or requirements or and no two Aonyx solutions are same. Everything we do is tailor made for each and every client. We take pride in providing bespoke solutions of each of our clients’ specific needs.
We understand that protecting the wellbeing of residents and staff is of paramount importance to our clients. Covid-19 has shone a spotlight on how people interact with others in their shared surroundings. Through a host of technologies, we can minimise interactions (remote access, communication & maintenance), reduce physical contacts with surfaces and touchpoints (wireless, biometric & geofencing technologies) and employ sophisticated analytics to manage footfall and mitigate pinch-points & bottlenecks.

By implementing the latest technologies, systems and services, Aonyx help our clients conserve energy, maximise efficiency & increase net operating income.