Aonyx were commissioned by elite Property Developers to design the ultimate Audio Visual & Home Automation solution for an ultra-luxurious, boutique apartment scheme on the outskirts of London.

The express aim of the Developer was to build the most luxurious flats possible, and they were uncompromising in their vision to achieve nothing less than perfection. Free of the usual budget constraints, the Aonyx Design Team had a fantastic opportunity to select and source the optimum technologies for their application.
Residents of each of the 6 immaculate apartments enjoy a fully integrated and automated Smarthome experience, before they even arrive home at the apartment complex. Remote Access & Geofencing provide touchless & automatic Access Control into the development and into the private gated underground garage. Integrated CCTV, Door Entry and Lift Control create both convenience & peace of mind for residents as they travel through the opulent interiors of the building and into their individual apartments.
On arriving home, residents are greeted by High-Fidelity Audio-Visual Entertainment in every room, simply controlled via touchscreen, smartphone, tablet and voice commands. Motorised moving panel mechanisms allow TVs to be hidden from view when not in use, plastered-in ‘invisible speakers’ are woven into the fabric of the building ensuring that the technology is seen and heard only when required, sympathetically embedded into the opulent interior design scheme.
Every user interface is custom finished and fully personalised to its specific position and purpose, nothing is an afterthought. Smart lighting & shade controls ensure that every room is shown in the best possible light no matter the time of day or night and a fully integrated heating, cooling & ventilation system ensures optimum comfort all year round. In partnership with our bold & forward-thinking client, Aonyx have created the perfect place to live for those with an eye for exquisite design and a taste for the finer things in life.