Smart Home Solutions

At Aonyx we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of smart home solutions, always searching for new technologies to work with, and making complex solutions accessible to anyone. We offer expertise, flexibility and individual approach to each of our clients. Our professional team is always taking the time to make the research and learn your […]


Maintenance for anything in life is always important. In our industry there are constant updates and upgrades which significantly improve the quality and life span of Smart Home Systems, so why wouldn’t you want to preserve this? Regular maintenance checks for your Smart Home System means we can pick up any problems early, minimising any […]

Control4 Lighting

With Control4 lighting you can control all the lights in your house simply with your voice or a touch of a button. Wireless lighting offers hand free control, allowing you to automatically control the lights when you’re not in the room. This partners with your home security as it allows you to control the lighting […]

LILIN security cameras

LILIN Security Cameras are one of the world’s top manufacturers in IP video surveillance. From retail security to hotels, they have a range of solutions to fit every need for your security cameras. The features of their cameras include HDR, ultra-high resolution and ultra-high frame rate, meaning you’ll always get the clearest image no matter […]

Office Automation System

Besides installing a number of bespoke home automation systems, we also have over 10 years of experience in automation systems for offices and business centres. We can install an office automation system that will make you stand above the rest. From Audio Visual control in boardrooms to IT infrastructure, telephone systems to multimedia interface – we can […]

Triad and Control4

At the beginning of the year, Control4 announced that they would be taking over home audio company Triad who have been making high quality and built to order speakers for 30 years. Their understanding into sound systems is exceptional and have strong attention to their designs, along with their focus on detailing making sure there […]

Home Security Systems UK: Reasons to Install

Installing home security systems UK can be costly but it is a worthwhile investment. One of the main reasons to invest in a good home security system is because it helps to protect you and your family from any intruders, providing you with a peace of mind. As technology has improved, now a smart home security […]

Arcam Amplifiers

Here at Aonyx we’re proud to announce that we’re now installing Arcam products.  With their great sound and amazing quality, we feel like they make a powerful addition to any whole house audio system. Arcam created their first amp in 1995 and over the years have gained a vast amount of knowledge to help them […]

Cinema Room Ideas

Commercial cinemas these days are often overpriced, way too busy in the prime times, and filled with noisy teenagers. These are some of the reasons more people prefer to watch movies in the comfort of their homes, and cinema rooms have become more popular over recent years. Below are some cinema room ideas we would like […]

Smart Lighting System: 5 reasons you’ll love it

Ever thought of installing a smart lighting system for your home? No matter if you have or have not, here are 5 reasons why you should consider switching your usual lighting to a smart lighting. Versatility of control – you won’t have to rely on a dedicated wall switch to control the light. All the lights […]

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