At this year’s IFA in Berlin, Sony showcased a number of new products, but one that caught our eye was the Smart Home speaker with Google Assistant or otherwise known as The Sony LF-S50G.

The product has a very similar design to the Apple Home Pod with the curved edges and dome like shape.

You can start off the speaker’s sound with simple commands such as ‘Ok Google’. At the sides of the speaker is an LED clock display whilst the top of the speaker has many sensors which allows users to work with gesture control to start a song or adjust volume.

The LF-S50G speaker is wireless and has a two-way facing speaker which is 360ᵒ. This adds maximum coverage for a normal size room.

The device is being pin pointed as a kitchen assistant with the ability to have a timer and clock as well as having a splash proof design and water-resistant surface. Users can also control other smart home objects and connect with other Sony wireless speakers which already have the Chromecast built in and can effortlessly sync the music across their home.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what this product has to offer and what other companies will be bringing out in competition to all the Smart Home Assistants.