Home landlines used to be a thing of the past with them slowly being taken over by the mobile, but due to tech companies fascination with smart homes they may be making a comeback.

Google has recently announced that it will be soon adding hands free calling to its ‘Home Smart Speaker’. This means that users with Google Home will now be able to use the device as a stand-alone speaker phone. Features include calling a contact from your Google Account or search for a public number.

Although you’ll be able to make calls, Google Home won’t come up with its own number for now. Instead it will show as an unknown number.

The Google Home calls will be free and aren’t tied to your mobile phone, which means you would be able to call different contacts on a different device each time.  Another distinct feature of this device is that Google Home will be able to tell the difference between voices meaning it can call the right ‘Dad’ whether it be you or your children.

Google isn’t the first company to innovate the trusted home phone, but instead it’s following in the footsteps of Microsoft, Samsung and Amazon with the use of smart home hubs with calling abilities.

The idea of having a hub in the home to place calls without a phone is great for users who are unable to use a touch screen or for times when your mobile is lost in the home- it’s much more convenient for the 21st century lifestyle.

One of the disadvantages of Google Homes calling capabilities is that it’s unable to make 999 calls meaning that quick calls in an emergency will have to be made off another phone.

The sound quality of the phone may also not be up there with the best speakers in the world and your calls aren’t exactly private with the whole room being able to hear your conversations.

We can’t wait to see this product and what interesting insights it brings. If you want any more information please get in touch.

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