At the beginning of the year, Control4 announced that they would be taking over home audio company Triad who have been making high quality and built to order speakers for 30 years. Their understanding into sound systems is exceptional and have strong attention to their designs, along with their focus on detailing making sure there is no compromising on the sound quality of their products.  Triad’s speakers range from outdoor, living, home theatre and whole house audio systems, showing that there is an ideal sound system for your home.

The combination of one of the world’s leading companies for control solutions and a leader in advanced audio technology is exciting for the AV industry and us here at Aonyx!

Control4 says ‘nearly the entire Triad team will be joining Control4, including founder Larry Pexton, as well as the Triad’s R&D, manufacturing, and custom-services employees, all of whom will continue operating from Triad’s existing facility in Portland, Oregon.’

The combination of the two companies means Triad can bring their unique customised products to Control4 making your whole home automation system the best it’s ever been.

We can’t wait to see how this partnership will work and what exciting products will be introduced to the AV world.