Here at Aonyx we’re proud to announce that we’re now installing Arcam products.  With their great sound and amazing quality, we feel like they make a powerful addition to any whole house audio system.

Arcam created their first amp in 1995 and over the years have gained a vast amount of knowledge to help them make and innovate great products.

The amplifiers deliver quality sound which is manufactured to be greater than any of its competitors.  They produce an array of sound to make movie nights even more realistic paired with surround sound in your room.  Syncing with ‘Spotify Connect Enabled’, Arcam’s amps will make you feel like your favourite band is in the room when you play your music.

Modern technology has allowed Arcam to incorporate room collecting technology in with their amps AVR390, AVR550 and AVR850.  This means we’re able to adjust the audio performance of the system to any room making sure that you have the best sound experience to suit your home needs.

You can control Aram’s amps through ethernet making it fully combined with your whole house control.  Here at Aonyx we can link this with Control4 making controlling every bit of your home that much easier.