Ever thought of installing a smart lighting system for your home? No matter if you have or have not, here are 5 reasons why you should consider switching your usual lighting to a smart lighting.

  1. Versatility of control – you won’t have to rely on a dedicated wall switch to control the light. All the lights in the house can be easily turned on, dimmed  or switched off for the night with a simple touch of a button on your smart device, or even set for it  to be done automatically at any specific times.
  2. Installing a smart lighting system (rather than just individual smart lights) will allow you to customise the lights to reflect your lifestyle. You’ll be able to set custom lighting scenes that will ensure there is a right mood for any occasion.
  3. Energy saving. Even dimming a lamp a little bit can have a positive impact on your energy use. Also, by combining smart lighting with smart window shades and blinds, you can maximize the free natural light while you use less electricity.
  4. Additional security. Smart lighting systems are an effective deterrent to unwelcome guests. You can set up schedules to periodically turn your smart lights on and off throughout the day, while away on holiday, or even during the day.
  5. You will have more time to enjoy your home, without having to spend time everyday on setting the right lights in each room.

Smart, connected home technology is growing fast, with a number of new home automation companies appearing on the market every year. Smart lighting systems bring your home into the era of smart technology, which helps you maintain an easier, carefree lifestyle. If you are interested in installing a lighting system, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and tell you more about our services.