In the recent years, advances in technology have allowed an exponential growth in automated control systemsmaking them available for a wider audience and growing in popularity.

The benefits of installing an automation system are endless. Automation and control systems remove the energy and time consuming tasks from your everyday life, making it easier for you to be more productive and have more time to enjoy yourself. Besides providing additional comfort, it also reduces your impact on environment,  saves money on your bills and prevents potentially dangerous situations.

Automated Control Systems – Aonyx Automation

At Aonyx we create audio, visual and home cinema solutions, bespoke lighting systems, climate and security control, computing, gaming and social media solutions, and much more. With our home automation systems you will be able to manage and control every aspect of your home from any distance. We also provide commercial automation services, allowing our clients to interact with technology to enhance their working environment. Click here to read case studies of some of our commercial projects.

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