Here at Aonyx, we can assure you that we design and install the best home automation systems UK. We recommend and supply only those products and home automation solutions that we have extensively tried and tested.

But what is ‘Home Automation‘, and do you actually need it? The term itself encompasses many different areas, from lighting and security to comfort and entertainment. Home automation means integration of different technologies and systems into a single system that you can control with just one touch. With a smart home automation system you can forget about overly expensive utility bills, or you do not have to worry whether you have locked the front door when you left.

Home Automation System UK – Aonyx

Our smart home automation systems can integrate any piece of technology within your house and create a home that is not just safer and more efficient but also easier to control and more enjoyable. A home that works perfect for you and your lifestyle. We are experts in making very complex systems easy to use.

Get in touch, and we will explore your needs and find a smart home solution that is perfect for you and your budget. Reach us at   or  +441923 215999